Mini Digger Hire Clifton. With Operator.

Scott has over 20 years experience operating Mini Diggers.

Toowoomba to Warwick.

Scotty has Limited Access Kanga Machines Ready to take the hard work out of your project.

We only work on Hourly Rate for Trenches and Post Hole Digging.

Limited Access Earth Moving Mini Loader Hire.

Clifton Ph 0484 660 395

  • Trenching. up to 150 mm wide and 600 mm deep.

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    Mini Digger Hire for Trenches, Post Holes, Turf Preps, Leveling.
  • Post Holes.  250 mm, 300 mm, 450 mm, 600 mm.
  • Shaping and Leveling.
  • Digging.
  • Rotary Hoe for garden beds and old turf removal.
  • Minis Loader Hires
  • Limited Access Mini Loader Wet Hires.
  • Turf Preparation.
  • shed slab Preps.
  • Garden shed slab prep work.
  • General Excavation and Earth Moving.
  • Narrow access earth moving.
  • Moving spreading soil Bark and gravel.
  • Loading Skip Bins.

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$90 Per hour Including GST.

2 Hour Minimum Hire charge includes 1 Hr Travel Time. = $180 including GST.

Clifton town area small job Special Offer. $100

This is great for small jobs such as Trenching, Post Holes, Loading Skip Bins, Demolishing old Fences, upto 1 hour on site. Includes delivery.

  • Trenches for Underground Electrical services, Pipes, Communication Cables, Drainage and Irrigation.
  • Post Holes for Fences, Foundations, Planting. Up to 1.8 m Deep.
  • Auger Sizes  250 mm 300 mm 450 mm 600 mm.
  • Rotary Hoeing for Turf and Concrete Preparation work, Garden Beds.
  • Kanga Mini Digger Hire with operator. Like a small Bobcat.

Toowoomba, Warwick, Clifton, Allora, Nobby, Greenmount, Pittsworth

Post holes for Timber Fences and Retaining Walls.

Scott is your man for post holes for Timber Fences as well as Timber and Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls. With reasonable digging we can do 20 or more  in just a few hours. Scotty can also do a lot of trenching in that time.

For smaller jobs like post holes and trenches it is normally more cost effective to go with a machine and operator than a DIY Machine.

Limited Access Mini Digger hire  Toowoomba Landscaping

Digging Driveways, Shed Slabs, Rat Walls, Garden Shed Slabs, Paths.

Scottys Minis Loader Hires, Toowoomba, Warwick, Greenmount, clifton, Nobby, Allora Pittsworth. Phone 0484 660 395

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Post holes up to 1.8m Deep
  • Mini Bobcat type Loader Hire Clifton
  • Concrete Removing
  • Timber Fences removed
  • Kanga Hires
  • Limited Access Mini Loader Hire Machines 1050 mm wide

We have both machines a Dingo Loader and a larger 6 series Kanga Loader for tougher jobs.

For wet hire between Warwick and Toowoomba try Clifton Dingo Hire

Digging Trenches Like a small Bobcat, Post Hole Digging up to 1.8 m Deep, Leveling for Concrete Slabs, Kanga Yard Leveling, Driveway and Path Cuts. Kanga and dingo to Move your soil, Loading skip Bins, Clean up work. Mini Loader hires. Rotary Hoeing up to 1m wide and 300 mm deep Clifton and Allora Area. Electrical Trenches, Kanga and dingo hire Trenching for Water, Kanga Trenches for Storm water pipes. Trenches for communication cables. Mini Digger Hires  Like a small Bobcat,

Small skid steer diggers, Kanga and dingo machines. Dingo Trench Diggers, Posts hole Diggers, Diggers for Garden Beds, Loader Hires. loader hires. Kanga, Dingo hire, Kanga.

Now working Toowoomba, Warwick, Pittsworth, Clifton, Cambooya, Greenmount, Aloora and Nobby areas.